ūüėČAbout Cheeky B DesignsūüėČ

"Cheeky means bold, brash, and a bit rude, but also maybe a little playful and amusing."

Welcome to Cheeky B Designs!  My name is Jannea Varni and I am the owner and designer.   Cheeky B was born out of my love for all things sarcastic, salty and snarky.  

The inspiration for Cheeky B was born out of wanting to create an "inside joke" line for my previous jewelry business.   This jewelry line would be hidden words or phrases many of them edgy or "cheeky".  This would allow the wearer to rock how they really felt without having to show it to the world - because face it - being snarky and sweary most likely won't be appreciated in polite company.

In sharing my idea, I discovered how many of my friends and customers wanted jewelry that had a simple and elegant design with these types of hidden messages.  It's like the whispered memory of drinks with your best friend or echos of pep talks with your favorite person when they remind you EXACTLY of the soul that resides within you.... oftentimes accompanied by words that are unapologetic, real and honest. 

I also discovered that my idea for a jewelry line could be the basis for an entire business and Cheeky B was born...and yes, the "B" is exactly what you think SHE is!!!!!